Songju Ma Daemicke
an Award-Winning Children's Author
I am featured today in the Chinese of Chicago
Tuesday, October 24, 2017

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  1. History is what makes us who we are
    22 Dec, 2018
    History is what makes us who we are
    In 2012, my twin daughters, both violinists, played a beautiful piece for one of their recitals. The piece of music was called "Table Music for Two." It was written by Mozart involving two players standing on opposite sides of the stand together sharing the same piece of music. One reads the music right side up and the other reads it upside down. Rather than sounding disjointed, the music is harmonious and wonderfully enchanting! So brilliant. Mozart must had been thinking simultaneously of
  2. I am featured today in the China Daily
    03 Oct, 2017
    I am featured today in the China Daily
    Ancient tales and traditions can hold new magic and inspiration By Chris Davis | China Daily USA | Updated: 2017-10-03 11:04 There's a story that's been told and retold so many times that it was probably true in some form or another at some point in time. I heard it like this: A boy is riding with his father when they come to a traffic jam. Up ahead, a huge truck has got itself jammed under a bridge and all the tow trucks, cranes and emergency workers can't pry it loose. The boy innocently
  3. 我的舅舅从文俊
    29 Sep, 2017
    中国书法大师,中国书法家协会理事,著名古学家,丛文俊,我舅舅,是我们家族的骄傲!多才多艺的舅舅从小对我慈爱如父,为我做过很多事情:去医院看病,剪头发,剪裁裙子,缝纫机扎裤子,做好吃的拔丝地瓜,每次大学放假回家,舅舅都会问我:“想吃什么,四舅给你做!”.......然后为我做一顿大餐! 姐姐看了之后补充道,我忘记了舅舅的一些才华:我父母家里的家具都是舅舅设计制作的;舅舅拉得一手好二胡;连我们家的君子兰都是舅舅给换土,施肥。真是“能者多劳呀”! 四舅是我生活中的巨人!给我的一生极大的影响!愿意和舅舅聊天,“与君一席话胜读十年书!”  改给舅舅打电话了!